Chinook Dog Centre

Chinook Dog Centre is an all purpose dog facility close to St.Albert and Edmonton.

Our Instructors

Brandy-Lee Fazlic

I have been involved in agility since 1997 and have had the great privilege to run so many fantastic agility dogs. To date they have brought me 4 Agility Trial Champions, 1 Lifetime Achievement Award, 3 Gold Award of Merit, 4 Silver Award of Merit, 7 Regional Champions, and 4 National Champions. My favorite part however is running with my best fur buddies.

My 14 years of experience with professional dog grooming  as well as training and competing in Obedience and Sheep herding with my own dogs have also given me a great deal of experience working with all different breeds, sizes, ages and temperaments of dogs. All dogs that are physically sound are able to play at agility!

 I use a combination of praise, toys, food and correction and make sure that the dogs have a great time in class. When the dogs have fun they run well and the handlers have a great time too. I look forward to seeing you on the agility field!


Joanne Thielen

 I was introduced to Agility through Brenda Brown when I told her about my dog being afraid of floors and other stuff, she suggested Agility for Jewel to gain confidence.  Jewel and I began our agility career by doing fun matches and demos, I was too scared to compete.  I was convinced to compete in Aug 2002,  I was hooked.  Jewel and I travelled all over Alberta and a few places in Saskatchewan.   I have competed since that time with both Jewel and Rebel.  We enjoy competing locally as Rebel is not a good traveller.   I love the Agility community and am looking forward to teaching the joy of being a team with your dog.

Jewel’s Retired in 2009 she had an ATChC , Bronze, ExSt Bronze, ExSt Silver EXS Bronze Placed 1st at Regionals 2006 in 22” specials, unfortunately shortly after Regionals she was diagnosed with Arthritis and just competed locally until Retirement.

Rebel started competing in 2006 at the age of 3, she has MADC, ATChC, Bronze, ExSt Bronze, EXS Bronze. Her agility career has had many ups and downs as she had to take a year off due to injury. She is now back and is loving competing again.

Leelu -  Leelu is my young dog who is still learning the Agility ropes and has yet to compete.  She is enjoying learning as I am enjoying being a team with her.